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ANALYTICA, Inc. is a full-service Marketing Research firm, founded in 1974 and  incorporated in 1983.  Our company has conducted marketing research using a wide range of methods; from simple focus groups, to interviews with hundreds of high-level executives, to a nationally representative random-digit-dialed sample of 3,000 consumers.  

In total, we have conducted over 20,000 interviews with key decision-makers in valuable markets and over 90,0000 consumer interviews in nationally representative samples. 

Because we are staffed with well-educated and highly experienced professional interviewers, ANALYTICA, Inc. can design and conduct your research with the highest quality of interviewing across a wide variety of industries and consumers.

  • Results are insightful to aid in giving your company information for a competitive market edge.

  • The research process is of high quality from experienced professional interviewers.

  • Results are representative because of the care we exercise in sampling.

  • Our designed approach gets straight to actionable results for your business.



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