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              Analytica's FIVE Step Strategy for Stakeholder Research

We carefully define the population of key decision makers to be surveyed.
We take a carefully drawn stratified random sample from the population ~ a sample
    stratified  by potential expenditures, dollar revenue, number of employees, or 
    any other characteristic that is known about the population.
We obtain high levels of cooperation from the selected sample by using extremely
    experienced interviewers and offering participants summaries of results.
We create an interview instrument that contains both open-ended and numerical
    rating questions, providing detail and precision without sacrificing richness and substance.
We analyze the data with careful attention to statistical detail. We carefully glean statistically
    significant and managerially relevant results and present them in a thoughtful way.

                                         © 2005 ANALYTICA, Inc. 


                                               © 2005 ANALYTICA, Inc.