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  Michael H. Bullington

     As President of ANALYTICA, Inc., Mr. Bullington has over twenty eight years of experience across a variety of industries; engineering and construction, energy and petrochemicals and financial services.  His responsibilities have included project management, building a consulting business from the ground floor stages, managing an IPO for an investment banking firm and advising CEOs on Corporate Strategy.  He received an MBA from Rice University and a BS in engineering from Oklahoma State University.

  Carol Sawyer

     As Vice President of Research, Ms. Sawyer has worked over the last seventeen years to bring ANALYTICA, Inc. cooperation rates and research results to their existing high quality today.  Ms. Sawyer oversees all phases of the company's research projects to guarantee the highest possible results.  After receiving a degree in Business from Louisiana State University in 1977, she spent several years developing expertise in sales with companies such as Burroughs Corporation and 3M.

  Richard R. Batsell, Ph.D.

     As founder of ANALYTICA, Inc., Dr. Batsell provides expertise is all areas of marketing research background for the company.  After teaching at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and The University of Texas at Austin, he now sits as the Jesse H. Jones Distinguished Associate Professor of Management at Rice University.




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